How Do You Bathe A Bernese Mountain Dog?

How Do You Bathe A Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a lot of grooming requirements and it doesn’t all stay attached to the dog. They shed a little bit all the time and a lot several times a year. You will need to brush your Bernese Mountain Dog quite often and bathe him periodically.

Some owners like to bath and groom their Bernese Mountain Dogs and others prefer to take them to a groomer. If you are the latter, you might want to price grooming in your area and factor that in when considering a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Every Bernese Mountain Dog owner will have their methods when it comes to dog grooming, and every professional groomer will have their way of doing things. So how does a new Bernese Mountain Dog owner decide which grooming process will work best? A good place to start is with your Bernese Mountain Dog breeder if you have one. They have likely been grooming their dogs for many years. They have knowledge and the grooming requirements.

Not all of Bernese Mountain Dogs have the same type of coat. Some may be silky, others coarse. Some are wavy, others stick-straight. All Bernese Mountain Dogs shed…and shed…and shed some more. With proper equipment and a regular grooming schedule, you will be able to stay ahead of the game.

1.How Should Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Groomed?

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a beutiful coat when cared for properly. One tip that was told to me early on is to brush from the tail to the head. It sounds strange but it works!

Although Bernese Mountain Dogs might look like they’re high maintenance dogs, with some regular effort on your part, the grooming process should be fairly straightforward. Be sure to have the right equipment on hand.

Here are the basic supplies that you will need, although your groomer may suggest additional tools:

  • Brushes and combs
  • Detangling dog shampoo
  • Detangling spray
  • Ear cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Cotton balls
  • Dental cleaning supplies
  • Nail clipper or Dremel grinder
  • Styptic powder
  • Cool air circulating or low-heat dryer

2. How Do You Bathe A Bernese Mountain Dog?

How Do You Bathe A Bernese Mountain Dog? If you are planning to bathe your Bernese Mountain Dog, brush him first. Tangles are much easier to remove when the dog is dry, and there will be less hair going down the tub’s drain. A thorough drying, with either absorbent towels or cool, dog-safe hair dryer, is essential.

Buy a blower. I have a powerful livestock blower. If you do not dry the Bernese Mountain Dog completely, he is prone to hotspots.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have dry skin, so it’s not recommended that you bathe your dog too frequently, once a month should be enough. Unless he’s been rolling in the mud or some other unseemly substance.

The Bernese Mountain Dogs have a double coats, so be diligent about giving your dog a thorough, deep brushing. Twice a week is optimal, but once a week session will suffice, as long as it’s done correctly. BMD shed constantly, but when the weather changes, shedding increase.

3. How Do You Groom A Bernese Mountain Dog’s Ears?

3. How Do You Groom A Bernese Mountain Dog's Ears?

Pay careful attention to areas in and around your Bernese Mountain Dog ears. When wet, a Bernese Mountain Dog’s floppy ears can trap moisture inside, thus allowing for bacterial growth and potential ear infections.

Use cotton balls or a soft washcloth to carefully dry any water or dampness. Never use a cotton swab on your Bernese Mountain Dog ears. Even if you are not bathing your dog, check his ears during regular grooming sessions, and if you detect any odor, wetness, or redness, schedule an appointment with your vet.

4. How Often Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Teeth Need To Be Cleaned?

4. How Often Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Teeth Need To Be Cleaned?

Bernese Mountain Dog teeth should be brushed several times a week and should be started at an early age. It will keep his breath smelling sweet, and you will also be sure that dental decay and neglect will not be contributing factors to potential health problems.

Poor oral hygiene can cause bacteria, which in turn can affect your Bernese Mountain Dog digestive system as well as his internal organs. Too many Bernese Mountain Dos undergo costly and painful teeth extractions and suffer from periodontal disease due to a lapse in brushing their teeth.

To brush your Bernese Mountain Dog teeth, you will need a dog toothbrush, which is curved and has a longer handle that can easily reach your dog’s back teeth. You will also need some dog toothpaste. Both of these items are available in pet supply stores as well as online.

Do not use toothpaste made for humans as it could contain ingredients that are toxic for your Bernese Mountain Dog.

Try to set up a regular time and place to brush your Bernese Mountain Dog teeth. Choose quite, well lit location and a time when there are no interruptions. To allow you and your Bernese Mountain Dog to focus on the process at hand.

Be gentle and introduce your Bernese Mountain Dog to having his muzzle handled and his teeth brushed in a manner that’s calming for him and calming for you. If you’re nervous, he will read those signals you’re sending as something to fear.

To start, put a dab of the toothpaste on your finger and encourage your Bernese Mountain Dog to taste it. Most Bernese Mountain Dogs find the flavor acceptable. Add the toothpaste to the brush and begin to gently brush his top front teeth while his upper lip out a bit.

Move on to the sides of his upper teeth, proceed to the bottom. Don’t forget to praise your Bernese Mountain Dog as you’re brushing. He may not love having his teeth brushed initially, but with a regular routine, encouragement for his excellent behavior, and your own relaxing demeanor, he’ll soon become accustomed to the procedure.

He may even enjoy it!

5. How Do You Trim A Bernese mountain Dog’s Nails?

Attention to your Bernese Mountain Dog nails is another important aspect of his overall grooming requirements. If you choose to clip your Bernese Mountain Dog nails yourself, it should be done approximately once a month.

A Bernese Mountain Dog who spends most of his time walking on grass and softer surfaces, as opposed to concrete or asphalt, may need to have his nails clipped more often. Sidewalks and streets will wear down a Bernese Mountain Dog nails more quickly than soft surface.

I can perform a professional grade manicure and pedicure on myself. But when it comes to clipping my Bernese Mountain Dog nails, I’m terrified. If you, too, decide that it’s something you would rather not do. Your Bernese Mountain Dog groomer, vet, or care member will be happy to do the job.

The cost for the nail trim is minimal, and honestly, if you are not comfortable like me, it’s best to leave this job to experts. But if you are confident that you can do the job yourself, I would highly recommend following instructions provided by your Bernese Mountain Dog caring professional.

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