How To Trim Your Bernese Mountain Dog’s Nails (Step-by-step Guide)

How To Trim Your Bernese Mountain Dog's Nails (Step-by-step Guide)
How To Trim Your Bernese Mountain Dog’s Nails (Step-by-step Guide)

Attention to your Bernese Mountain Dog’s nails is another important aspect of his overall grooming requirements. If you choose to clip your Bernese Mountain Dog nails yourself, it should be done approximately once a month. Best Nail Clipper For Bernese Mountain Dogs.

A Bernese Mountain Dog who spends most of his time walking on grass and softer surfaces, as opposed to concrete or asphalt, may need to have his nails clipped more often, sidewalks and streets will wear down a Bernese Mountain Dog nails more quickly than soft surfaces.

If you have no experience with canine nail clipping, it’s highly recommended that you ask your dog’s groomer or veterinarian for a how-to demonstration.

Below is detailed research on the nail clipping process and how to trim your Bernese Mountain Dog’s nails (Step-by-step Guide):

How To Trim Your Bernese Mountain Dog’s Nails?

1. Buy good nail clippers.

The first step of this process is to buy good and professional nail clippers that will trip your Bernese Mountain Dog nails easily. Get sharp, small, cheap clippers that will be doing the job magically. Most Bernese Mountain Dog do not know what a nail clipper is, so introduce the nail clipper, let your Bernese Mountain Dog smell, and investigate them first. Smelling is a key for everything, they will get familiar with the clippers.   

2. Start trimming your Bernese Mountain Dog nails when he is baby

Starting the trimming while the Bernese Mountain Dog is young, just help you to teach him the process of trimming. It’s easier to command him and to push him up. Once the Bernese Mountain Dog learns the process of trimming from a young age, it will be easier when he grows up. He will please you and ask you to trim his nails later on.   

3. Don’t panic, calm down your Bernese Mountain Dog before trimming his nails.

When your Bernese Mountain Dog becomes sensitive, anxious, nervous, you stop and slow down. Put the nail clipper down, try to make your Bernese Mountain Dog comfortable with this process. If your Bernese Mountain Dog is in a bad mood, he will not allow you to cut the nails, make sure he is happy and you approach well.

So try putting his leg up slowly, don’t be aggressive, don’t grab the leg or squeeze him. Let him allow you to hold his leg and let him stabilize.

To avoid squeezing them, put the have or your thumb behind your Bernese Mountain Dog elbow, so when you push it out, it extends the leg

4. Trim your Bernese Mountain Dog slowly without panicking

The Bernese Mountain Dog may get upset when you start trimming his nails. Cut one nail, make a small break, make your Bernese Mountain Dog comfortable. Repeat this process, cut one or more nails, if he is upset, stop and calm him down.

You are not allowed to panic, that can make the process worse and next time your Bernese Mountain Dog will avoid the trimming process and he will be very upset.

5. Give your Bernese Mountain Dog treats

You should be very careful with the Bernese Mountain Dogs trimming process, be patient and caring. Once the trimming process is completed, praise your Bernese Mountain Dog and give him his favorite treat.

The treats will motivate him to complete the trimming faster and to get his sweet, delicious treat.

The list above is the best tips and tricks on how to trim your Bernese Mountain Dog’s nails (Step-by-step Guide).

Best Nail Clipper For Bernese Mountain Dogs

The nail clipper should be the first thing that you should be getting for your Bernese Mountain Dog, as far as the nail care goes. The nail clippers are generally inexpensive, they are fairly durable and they are easy to pack around. There are several kinds of dog nail clippers for Bernese Mountain Dogs, depending on what kind of trimming you would prefer, you can easily find and purchase them on Amazon. Below I’m sharing my recommendation:

1. Pet Craft Supply Clipper

This is a scissor-based nail clipper which is excellent for Bernese Mountain Dogs. You can carry this nail clipper anywhere with your Bernese Mountain Dog. You can pop it in your bag and you can do the nail trimming of your Bernese Mountain Dog any time anywhere.

The Pet Craft Supply Clipper has the best quality. The blade is constructed of stainless steel of the highest quality. The blade is resistant to iron rust, scratches, and wear and will last a long time.

2. Grade Nail Clippers For Bernese Mountain Dogs

Grade Nail Clippers are also scissor-shaped nail clippers. They are excellent for trimming your Bernese Mountain Dog. These nail clippers are very cute and trendy, as well with brown color and a picture on them as well.

This professional nail clipper will save you a lot of dollars, since you will be doing the trimming process at your home, instead of paying a lot of expensive vets.

The stainless steel protects the clipper from premature wear.. The rubber coating ensures the perfect grip and the handles do not slip. These clippers have a long warranty.

3. Peroom Dog Nail Grinder

It’s a scissor-shaped nail clipper for Bernese Mountain Dogs. This is not an ordinary nail clipper. It contains features such as nail grinding and LED lights in addition to trimming. The grinding port is adjustable. It has super protective LED lights and the sound of the grinding motor is equal to the safest level of hearing for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

It comes with a diamond bit grinder, which assures precision and accuracy when trimming and grinding. The rechargeable electric nail clipper leads to less manual work. High stainless steel blades for protection, LED light, and vibrating motor for comfort. Nail storage box that can be easily cleaned.

4. Toysdone Large Dog Nail Clippers

This clipper resembles a screwdriver and is very unique in its design. This is a good nail clipper that can remain on a budget. It has a great handle with an orange color that will attract the Bernese Mountain Dog and keep him entertained. This clipper works manually, it has large blades that work perfectly fine for Bernese Mountain Dogs.   

I hope that you have learned the best information on how to trim your Bernese Mountain Dog’s nails (Step-by-step Guide), and the best nail clipper for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

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