Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bite?

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain dogs bite for many reasons. As a Bernese Mountain dog owner, you will experience this issue sooner or later. Regardless of what is causing your Bernese Mountain dog to bite, you have to take action and stop this behavior before it becomes a habit.

So, eager to find the reason behind why Bernese Mountain dogs bite, I did some research and talked to a few veterinarians. Here is what I found out:

Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bite?

Why do Bernese Mountain dogs bite? Bernese Mountain dogs tend to bite when they are teething, trying to get attention, or when they are trying to protect themselves. You should train your Bernese Mountain dog to properly interact with other dogs and behave from a young age.

Being a large breed dog, biting is not acceptable. Imagine inviting your friends over while having a dog that won’t stop biting. It is a behavior that should be eradicated while the Bernese is still a puppy.

Bernese Mountain dogs bite for various reasons. When still a puppy, the Bernese will bite because of teething. Also, young puppies tend to bite when they are playing. You should make sure to step up and train your puppy to stop biting.

How Do I Get My Bernese Puppy To Stop Biting?

How do I get my Bernese puppy to stop biting? Socializing your Bernese Mountain dog from a young age will help them stop biting. You should teach your puppy that biting is bad and stop playing as soon as the biting happens.

While biting is normal, it is something that you don’t want to allow all the time. Socializing your puppy from a young age can be very beneficial. Through playing with other dogs, they will learn that biting is not acceptable.

As a pet owner, you need to train your Bernese Mountain dog early on. One of the training sessions has to be about biting. Every time your Bernese tries to bite you, even while playing, let the puppy know that they did something wrong.

When my Bernese was twelve weeks old, he wouldn’t stop biting. So, I had this trick where each time he tried to bite me, I would stop playing and yell ”Ouch”. He quickly learned that biting is bad and that I don’t enjoy it.

Remember, you should always have patience while training your Bernese mountain dog. Like children, they don’t know what’s good and what’s bad until we teach them.

When Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Stop Biting?

When do Bernese mountain dogs stop biting? Your Bernese Mountain dog biting tendency will decrease at around four to five months of age. However, the biting will completely stop at around 7 or 8 months of age once the puppy has a full set of teeth.

The biggest reason why Bernese mountain dogs bite is because of teething. Puppies will have a full set of teeth at around 7 to 8 months of age. Then, the biting should completely stop.

My Bernese mountain dog stopped biting exactly when he was 7 months of age. He was biting everything on his way. It helped a lot when I bought him a chew toy. I mean, they have to bite. We can just redirect the biting until the teething is over.

Why Would A Bernese Mountain Dog Bite You For No Reason?

Why Would A Bernese Mountain Dog Bite You For No Reason? Your Bernese Mountain Dog doesn’t bite without any reason. They can bite you when they feel in danger or they smell fear and anxiety, especially if they are around an unknown person.

Bernese Mountain Dogs doesn’t bite without any reason. Mostly they start to bite when you are changing locations or traveling so they are in touch with strangers and a lot of new people that they never got a chance to meet and interact with, this also can be a huge signal that your Bernese Mountain Dog is anxious.

I have the same issue with my Bernese Mountain Dog when it was younger, whenever we were traveling and visiting a new place or a new city, enjoying with my family members out of the state, my Bernese Mountain Dog was getting anxious and start to bite the furniture and kind of destroying my family or friends places. Through all courses that I have been and consultations with our local vets, I was able to provide my Bernese Mountain Dog a great training, and it was easy but time-consuming training, but I strongly suggest you work on it since you would like to avoid any negative comments about your Bernese Mountain Dog.

Should I be worried if my Bernese Mountain Dog bites me?

Should I be worried if my Bernese Mountain Dog bites me? Yes, you should be worried if your Bernese Mountain Dog bites you. This is 100% unacceptable and you should not ignore this, you should address this puppy biting and correct it every single time with 100% consistency.

My Bernese Mountain Dog is 5 years now, and that is not fun for him, but when he was younger of course there were puppy bites, of course, it took me some time to train him, and this is not something that you can expect from your Bernese Mountain Dog to understand and learn from the first time, this is something that needs constant training and it’s so important.

From my knowledge as an owner and a few calls that I have made with vets, you need to exercise your Bernese Mountain Dog more so the biting won’t happen as much. There is no way to avoid the biting but of course, you can address it and teach your Bernese Mountain Dog what should do instead of biting. Here is some tips: the second your Bernese Mountain Dog bites you, you’re gonna go from fun and caring person instantly to take your position, chest up, shoulders back, leadership body language so your dog can understand that you are no longer playing, and you should go with verbal correction your should say “Ah”, so this instant switch will help you to train your puppy.

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