Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Sit On Your Feet?

Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Sit On Your Feet?
Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Sit On Your Feet?

Owning a Bernese Mountain Dog is quite fun and every day you will have a new thing to learn about. When they are young babies they are going through different periods of life. At some point they will bite the furniture, they will bark, they will lay down in your lap, sit on your feet, or simply when you are going for a walk they will go between your legs and make your walk challenging.

If your Bernese Mountain Dog is sitting on your feet, sitting in your lap or going between your legs, this is the right place for you. Here I’m sharing my 5 years of experience with a Bernese Mountain Dog, tons of researches and talks with local vets.

Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Sit On Your Feet?

Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Sit On Your Feet? Bernese Mountain Dogs love to sit on their owner’s feet. This is a normal behavior showing you their love, learned habit, and sometimes their anxiety.

Bernese Mountain Dogs love to show and express their love and affection towards the owner. Bernese Mountain Dogs are different, but mostly they are touchy, sensitive, kind dogs that enjoy the owner company.

Sometimes, Bernese Mountain Dogs can show their love in a different way than the usual, greetings at the door, playing with the toys, following your steps, also, they adore sitting on your feet and getting physical contact with the loved one, all of those are the love languages.

As an owner of a Bernese Mountain Dog for 5 years, so I can say that they are a large breed and sometimes you will be thankful if they don’t sit on your feet, I’m sharing this from my personal experience.

There are different types of Bernese Mountain Dogs, depends how your dog was raised. Bernese Mountain Dogs are followers or sit on the feet dogs.

My Bernese Mountain Dog is a follower, we have accomplished this with hard training and workouts. It’s not easy for a 100pound dog to sit on your feet all day long.

Why Does My Bernese Mountain Dog Sit On Me?

Why Does My Bernese Mountain Dog Sit On Me?

Why Does My Bernese Mountain Dog Sit On Me? Bernese Mountain Dogs sit on you because, they love and enjoy your company, they trust you, seeking attention, telling others to stay away.

Your Bernese Mountain Dog loves and enjoys your company if he leans on you when you pet them you can take it as a token of affection. Let your Bernese Mountain Dog rest their head on your lap when you are petting them. When you are stretch out on the sofa together is proof they love you.

Bernese Mountain Dog feels that you are offering warmth and security when sitting in your lap. Such as they are babies and cuddling with the mother.

One of the reasons why your Bernese Mountain Dog leans on you is because they trust you fully. Even if they are sleeping or relaxed they feel that you are providing them comfort and emotional security.

If they are by your side, they feel very protected and they are not turning or the security alarm, simply they are fully relaxed and relying on you. If your Bernese Mountain Dog is doing this, they are considering your family.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are seeking for your attention. If you don’t have time to be together as much as you should, it’s likely for them to perform this behavior and lay on your lap. With the intention that you will listen to them, play and go for a walk.

If you have multiple dogs, Bernese Mountain Dog will lay on your lap to tell others to stay away. If he is laying on your lap they want all of your attention focused on them. They are passing the message to other family dogs to stay away from you.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Go Between Your Legs?

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Go Between Your Legs?
Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Go Between Your Legs?

Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Go Between Your Legs? Bernese Mountain Dogs go between you legs because they are seeking for attention, avoiding contact, anxious, excited or feeling protected.

The Bernese Mountain Dogs mostly go between your legs when they are excited or anxious. Bernese Mountain Dogs feels comforting when they have physical contact. This can be also, a form of attention seeking behavior.

While you are on a walk with your Bernese Mountain Dog they can go between your legs. Mostly your Bernese Mountain Dog feels fearful or people reaching out to pet him, so the place between your leg is their protected place.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are avoiding people touching or petting them while they go between your legs, also, this can be their way to avoid jumping up on someone and seeking attention.

Even you think that your Bernese Mountain Dog is avoiding strangers touches or they are fearful, sometime they are simply itchy and trying to relieve the itch. Or if something is stuck on their fur, they are trying to get rid or it, by rubbing between your legs.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are sweet and funny while walking between your legs unless they knock down some child or elders. If you are dealing with such a issue, this can be easily resolved with a little training.

My Bernese Mountain Dog used to love to go between my legs while we were outside in a crowd. He felt that that way he is safe and no one can harm him. But this was kind of hard for me to walk with a large dog between my legs. With a little bit of training and teaching him how to behave when there is a crowd, we overcame this issue and now he is walking proudly by my side.

However, this is a behavior of young Bernese Mountain Dogs, they are simply learning and discovering the world. You will experience a lot of Bernese Mountain Dog stages while they are growing and becoming the best creature ever. With your help and dedication, they will overcome every rock on the road.

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